Outlaws in the most primitive and rhythmic style of Blues, Carlos Elliot is an international touring band considered the pioneers of Hill Country Blues in Latin America. Outstanding in the new electric Blues, alternative Rock and world-music scenes, their vibrant and multidimensional shows have brought people and causes together in 16 countries, including the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The Carlos Elliot band boldly forges contemporary and traditional Blues and Rock in a hypnotic throbbing groove of percussive guitars and syncopated drum beats. Their music evokes poetic and stirring meditations on love, equality, our planet and the struggles of indigenous people; with an explosive stage performance and presence that transport their audiences into a rolling and tumbling “juke joint” type party. Having come from the Colombian Andes to immerse himself in the birthplace of the Blues, Carlos Elliot was readily adopted by the musical brotherhood of the North Mississippi Hill Country and Delta music scenes. For the past 14 years he has regularly preformed right in the cradle of the blues with many of the genre’s legends.

The bands songs and performances have hooked a diverse and fast-growing group of global fans ranging from grey-bearded rockers, Blues aficionados, world-music devotees, and energetic youngsters of new generations. Their musical journey transits through rural dancing Mississippi Blues, tribal trancing native American ambiences, and penetrating African grooves with elements of dirty Rock, Cumbia, Funk, Soul, among others rhythms.

Since 2013, along with producer/guitarist Bobby Gentilo, Carlos Elliot has released four albums and several audio-visual pieces that have achieved prominent positions on TV and radio charts. The band’s fifth album, also featuring renowned drummer Edu “Lil’ Beast” Oviedo, will be released this year.  Their upcoming tour schedule includes circuits in the USA, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Colombia and India among other countries. 

Hailing from the Colombian hills and the USA, this outlaw crew is constantly in flux; creating music and events that move, inspire, and support causes aligned with their diverse global vision.  Check ‘em out when they’re near your hood.

-Elliot’s guitar phrasing has that half-cocked madness of R.L. Burnside, and Muddy Waters – Memphis Flyer, USA

-Hailing from Colombia, but his music and spirit from north hills of Mississippi – ABS Magazine, FRANCE

-For seventh time Carlos elliot Jr. tours around the United States of America – Radiónica, COLOMBIA

-Carlos Elliot Jr. inspired by heritage of Mississippi, African & Latin American music – Blues GR, GREECE ..


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