Carlos Elliot Jr.

Carlos Elliot Jr. is a Colombian Bluesman inspired by Mississippi Hill Country Blues, Music linked to Afro-American dance partying traditions. He’s the Mississippi Hill Country and Juke-Joint Blues Pioneer in South America, Activist, Conscious looking for activate consciousness, heart-beat and sharing the transcendental message of universal love.


He plays guitar, bass, flute & fife and has been living Rock and Blues since young.  But it was just when he started to play in Delta Juke Joints and Backyard Blues parties in Mississippi when his music got that hypnotically rhythmic style. He made up a unique style and a unique mixture between his backgrounds and this juke-joint beat with rhythms of rural dance music from Mississippi.

After a couple of times travelling in quest for Blues roots, it led him all the way up to North Mississippi where he fell under the spell of local Blues playing with real deal Blues legends with whom he learned from and lived in their culture, permeating their musical expression and primitive Hill Country Blues tradition.


Po' Monkeys Lounge - Merigold, Mississippi.


Carlos has played with many of the still living and deceased Mississippi Blues Legends as T-Model Ford, R.L. Boyce, Little Joe Ayers, Terry Harmonica Bean, Cadillac John, Pat Thomas, Mr. Tater, Robert Bilbo Walker and Big Jack Johnson’s Band beside others.  As well as the new Hill Country Blues artist like Kenny Brown, Kent Burnside, Lightnin’ Malcolm and Sean Apple. And He’s been around small towns in north Mississippi like Clarksdale, Como, Holly Springs, Merigold, Hollandale, Greenville, Indianola, Leland as other cities where the Blues itself, the origin of all American music was born and still being played.


Carlos Elliot Jr.’s made three US Tours “Back to the crossroads 2011” and “Highway 61 South Tour 2012” “US Mystic Juke Joint Blues Tour” participating in different festivals as Delta Cat Head Blues Fest and The Juke Joint Blues Festival in Mississippi; he has taken also his music to Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans as well as Winnipeg and Toronto in Canada and all over his Country, Colombia.


At The Crossroads, old highway 61 and 49 - Mississippi


Carlos E. Jr.’ relationship with the Blues and music itself has a spiritual theme. He’s being naturally pushed to sing the Blues and has been dragged to the gospel in the Mississippi Delta. In his own words he states - “Blues itself is a natural cryin’ of the soul, prayin’ to the Good Lord for the pain relief” - so it does not matter where it is played at, that pervasive drone of his music is always burden with some mystic and spiritual charge.


Carlos E. Jr. caught the attention of an important band in Mississippi Blues scene, “The Cornlickers”, the house band at Red's Lounge - the most historic Juke Joint Blues club - located in Clarksdale, Mississippi and the last band of the legendary bluesman Big Jack Johnson (One of the Jelly Roll Kings back in the 60’s).  They’ve been playing also with other local Blues legends too, like Cadillac John Nolden, Big T Williams & Terry Harmonica Bean.


Cd Cover of recording at World famous Juke-Joint: Red's Lounge, Mississippi


Carlos and The Cornlickers made together their second record “Mystic Juke Joint Blues” at “Right coast Recording State-of-the-art vintage recording studio”. Produced by Bobby Gentilo, and with presence of Dave Natale and Dave Wilkerson (Sound engineers of Rolling Stones and YES, respectively for more than 24 years). It was made in the old vintage way, on magnetic tape and analog process.


This new Album captures the MS Hill Country Blues of Carlos Elliot Jr. and the Juke Joint Blues sound of “The Cornlickers” combined to produce this pervasive drone of Mississippi Blues burden with some mystic and spiritual charge.  - If you ever had a Mississippi Blues Party on your mind, you may close your eyes and let this “Mystic Juke-Joint Blues” gets you to a Rural Juke-Joint Room to dance it all through! – Said Carlos for iTunes and Cdbaby digital distribution.


 Carlos Elliot Jr. Performed together along with the Cornlickers some shows for his US Tour in April 2013 and keeps on his promotional tour with his “Power Blues Duo”.

The music of the new generation with the Mississippi Blues legacy, searching to activate the world’s heart beat and consciousness.


Juke Joint - Clarksdale, Mississippi