Mystic Juke-Joint Blues

Carlos Elliot Jr. & the Cornlickers

If you ever had a Mississippi Hill Country Blues Party on your mind, you may close your eyes and let this “Mystic Juke-Joint Blues” gets you to a Rural Juke-Joint Room to dance it all through!

Carlos Elliot Jr. has been playing music around in his country since he’s been 13 years old but it was just when he started to play in Delta Juke Joints and Backyard House Blues parties in Mississippi when he got this beat style, hypnotically rhythmic.

After a couple of times travelling in quest for Blues roots, it led him all the way up to North Mississippi where he fell under the spell of local Blues playing with Blues legends with whom he learnt and lived in their own culture, permeating their musical expression and primitive Hill Country Blues tradition.

“The Cornlickers”, are the house band at Red's Lounge - the most historic and famous Juke Joint Blues club in the world - located in Clarksdale, Mississippi and the last band of the legendary bluesman Big Jack Johnson (One of the Jelly Roll Kings back in the 60’s). They have been playing with other local Blues legends too like Cadillac John Nolden, Big T Williams & Terry Harmonica Bean.

This record was made at “Right coast Recording Studio” State-of-the-art vintage recording. Producer was Bobby Gentilo (From The Cornlickers), with the presence of Dave Natale (Rolling Stones sound engineer for 25 years now) and Dave Wilkerson (YES sound engineer for 23 years now). It was made in the old vintage way, on magnetic tape and analog process, there wasn’t even a single digital process made except for the final analog to digital conversion. It has this Mystic Juke Joint Blues Party Sound, It ain’t commercial at all, so probably you will like it!

Carlos Elliot Jr. – Voice, Guitar Dale Wise – Drums Dave Groninger – Guitar Bobby Gentilo – Guitar Tony rider – Bass

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