Carlos Elliot

Raise the Fire America

by Carlos Elliot Jr. (Power Blues Duo)

Released 2014
Carlos Elliot Jr.
Released 2014
Carlos Elliot Jr.
A proud native from the Colombian hills, Carlos Elliot Jr. is a Bluesman inspired by the Mississippi Hill Country Blues & heritage found in African American dance music. Plays guitar & fife as the Mississippi Hill Country Blues Pioneer in South America.
Blues music comes from gospels & spirituals, it’s the crying from the soul to The Good Lord for pain relief, that spiritual connection is what makes it so pure and deep, but in deed the power in the rhythm on drums and fire on fifes and guitars are also pure joy and courage. We’ve being inspired by the roots, from the north Mississippi Hill Country Blues & the Drums & Fife to the Afro & Latino American & Colombian music.

Communities all over the world respect fire as healing, purifying, transforming and worshipping element.  Fire is power, purity, desire, action & revolution.  All of the Americas, north and south, are one people, sharing the same roots. It doesn’t matter how we arrived here; Black, white and native, we’re all Americans and we’re blessed to call this mystical land, home! – Abya yala “America”: Land of vital blood, Land where everything blooms, poles north to south, the hemispheres’ unity.

As Americans we naturally know the meaning of being children of Mother Earth, and we must know our duty here. We’re messengers of universal love, Ikwashendwna, we must wake up, fight against exploitation, abuse and contamination; light our fire, our ancient fire, our inner fire: RAISE THE FIRE AMERICA!

This album was recorded uncut in one take, no editions, no tricks, it is what it is - Power Blues Duo.
The music of the new generation with all the legacy of the Mississippi Blues and some Afro & Latino traditional music.