Carlos Elliot

H'okha (Single)

by Carlos Elliot & Gente Espiritu

Released 10/18/2018
Right Coast Recording
Released 10/18/2018
Right Coast Recording
H'okhá - "To sing and beat the drum, providing music in a dancing ritual for healing - Lakota" Some experimental music with native american flavour, dancing Blues, Roots & Rock'nRoll.
We have changed the name according to an instruction received in the form of a vision revealed in the rituals of the native peoples of North America.
It does not only describe its members, but the entire community. All the People of spirit. Regardless of race, sex, age, origin, culture or belief, it describes people who seek truth and purpose. A new name that reminds us that we are part of something bigger and that music unites us and connects us with that great Spirit. It reminds us that music is capable of activating our own internal medicine.

We also want to share with you the release of our most recent production "H'okhá", the first single from our fourth album. The full album will be released June 2019.
"H'okhá" was created about 6 years ago at a time of many changes in our lives. A song that has been evolving and its reappearance seems perfectly timed to accompany this moment of change, and to remind us of the cyclical nature of life and its constant transformation. Composed in Spanish, the song includes chants in the native language of the Lakota community and its name refers to an expression that can be interpreted as the practice of the medicine man who plays his drum and sings as a part of their dance ritual activating medicine with the vibration.

"H'okhá" was recorded this year in the United States under the label Right Coast Recording by producer Bobby Gentilo, and with the participation of Dale Wise on drums, Carlos Elliot on vocals and guitar, Bobby Gentilo on guitar and backing vocals and Reed Brown on the PowBow drum and chants.

This new song of 7 minutes comes loaded with force, we hope that it manages to connect and that we will resonate with its vibration.

Thank you all for the support and for the affection.

Carlos Elliot & the Gente Espiritu.