Carlos Elliot

Girl, I'm Lovin' Ya! (Live)

by Carlos Elliot Jr. & The Cornlickers

Released 2012
Right Coast Recording
Released 2012
Right Coast Recording
Mississippi Hill Country Blues
Mississippi Juke Joint Blues
Carlos Elliot Jr. is a Colombian Bluesman that combines different elements of Rock
with a unique Style of Blues known as Mississippi Hill Country Blues, a close relative
of the Delta Blues linked back to African dance traditions. He brings it from its most
basic form playing it in his own way. Carlos Elliot Jr. is the Mississippi Hill Country
and Juke Joint Blues Pioneer in South America, Playin’ in US and Latin America the
Music of the New Generation with all the Mississippi Blues Legacy.

Carlos has played with many of the still living and deceased Mississippi Blues Legends
as T-Model Ford, R.L. Boyce, Little Joe Ayers, Terry Harmonica Bean, Cadillac John,
Pat Thomas, Mr. Tater, Watermelon Slim and Big Jack Johnson’s Band beside others.
He’s played also with some of the new Hill Country Blues artist like Kenny Brown,
Kent Burnside, Sean Apple and Lightnin’ Malcolm.

Carlos Elliot Jr.’s been playing has made two US Tours “Back to the crossroads
2011” and “Highway 61 South Tour 2012”. Playin’ also in Mississippi and Chicago
in duo with David Gray Kimbrough, grandson of the Legend Junior Kimbrough. He
has participated with great Blues and Rock celebrities at festivals as important as
Chicago Blues Festival 2010, Delta Cat Head Blues Fest 2011 and The Juke Joint
Blues Festival 2012 in Mississippi, he has taken also his music to Winnipeg and
Toronto in Canada and all over his Country, Colombia.

Carlos E. Jr.’ relationship with the Blues and music itself has a spiritual theme. He’s
being naturally pushed to sing the Blues and has been dragged to the gospel in the
Mississippi Delta where still being clear spiritual connections with Blues. In his own
words he states, “Blues itself is a natural cryin’ of the soul, prayin’ to the Good Lord
for the pain relief, pain from this material world of all of these conditioned souls”, so
it does not matter where it is played at, that pervasive drone of his music is always
burden with some mystic and spiritual charge.

Carlos E. Jr. caught the attention of one of the actual most important bands in
Mississippi Blues scene, “The Cornlickers”, house band at Red's Lounge - the most
historic and famous Juke Joint Blues club in the world - located in Clarksdale,
Mississippi and are also the band of the legendary bluesman Big Jack Johnson (One
of the Jelly Roll Kings back in the 60’s). They met purposely at Red’s Lounge one
jamming night.

Carlos Elliot Jr. with The Cornlickers recorded at Red's Lounge in Clarksdale, Mississippi
their first Live Album, called "Live at Red's Lounge - Clarksdale, Mississippi", right in the
Juke Joint Blues Festival on April 2012. Here you can find some of those songs.